Kickstarter Update #40 - Interim Update on "Trouble" (July 20, 2015)

Dear Supporters,

A detailed account of the failure of the essential coated receiver sheet would be too long and too tiresome to completely tell, but in general:

1. The coating team developed a coating process late last year that works very well.

2. The coating team introduced that coating process on a small scale at a professional commercial coater and that works very well. This was used successfully in the first two weeks of production.

3. The coating team did a larger coating run using the same materials (checked carefully) and when this flowed into New55 production from the same commercial coater, it did not work. Production had to be stopped.

4. The time to rerun the full rolls of receiver sheet again would be at least 3 months and, given the fact that people need to be paid and materials need to be purchased, high costs would need to be met.

5. The team can’t do that again. Perhaps there are other ways to resume production, at least on a small scale.

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