If New55 PN is being sold in the shop, does that mean my rewards are being shipped out? I still have not received mine.

PN will be on sale in small quantities from time to time.  This was a suggestion of many project supporters as a way to boost needed cash for the project.  "New55 INSTANT NEGATIVE only" is shipping now for the hundreds of supporters who have asked for it; PN would resume shipping as a reward if and when we recover from July's major technical setback of the failed receiver sheet coating run.

The Kickstarter Updates cover the "Trouble" in detail.  We don't know when PN rewards will resume; it depends upon many factors, including luck, and several concurrent engineering development paths. 

Kickstarter supporters will be kept current through Kickstarter Updates (which go to everyone's email or spam-catcher) and all other supporters will be able to follow the ongoing discussions on the Facebook page.

See the FAQ to learn about the general order of reward shipments ...

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