I'm a Backer and I've moved since the crowdfunding completed. Who shall I notify of my address change?

Only a Kickstarter Backer can change their own address.  You can change your shipping address in the Kickstarter system in the following way:
  1. Go to the New55 FILM project page on Kickstarter and log into your Kickstarter account.  If you have already submitted your Backer Survey [dated September 16, 2014, in your email inbox], you can look at your response by visiting the project page and clicking the "Your response" text at the bottom of your selected reward tier;
  2. Below your name and address, you'll notice a link that says "Edit address";
  3. Enter your new shipping information and click "Submit".
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    Brian Wiese

    I do not have this email and possibly did not respond to the survey. I have moved 3x since May 2014 - and have not yet received my Backer reward.

    Do you have a direct link that everyone could use to update their address?

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