Preparing for Success & Troublshooting

- Upon inserting the film packet into the 545 holder, make sure you hear the faint click sound as the Clip engages the sprung Finger of the holder.  The Finger holds the Tongue Assembly back while the Sleeve is withdrawn.  
- As you prepare to make your exposure by withdrawing the Sleeve, make sure the Clip and Tongue Assembly have stayed home in the holder in the proper position for the exposure.  If they are NOT in the proper position (down in the holder), you will be able to feel a bulge of the Pod in the withdrawn Sleeve.  Correct this by reinserting the film packet fully into the holder (while listening for the "click" of the Finger).
- Manage your film packets carefully while unpacking.  Make sure the Sleeve stays firmly engaged in the Clip of each film packet to prevent premature exposure of the negative.
- Conversely, make sure the Sleeve and Clip of each film packet are not too tightly bound together.  Try tapping each end of the Clip briskly on a firm surface to ensure they are not too tight. (One millimeter of shift of the Sleeve in the Clip in either direction is sufficient to ensure good performance).
- After loading the film packet in the 545 holder in the camera, if the Sleeve will not withdraw from the Clip then remove the packet from the holder without exposing or processing and perform the above tapping exercise to make sure the Sleeve and Clip are not too tightly bound together. 


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