Do I have to process my film packet immediately after exposure?

  • Paul Jenkin September 11, 2015 13:12

    What if you're shooting in the middle of nowhere shooting landscapes and you haven't got a tray of fixer or a supply of room temperature water to rinse the negative? Is there a way of storing the negative for, potentially, days until you get back to base? I've just ordered a pack of New 55 and was hoping to use it "out in the field" whereas the instructions suggest that isn't a realistic aspiration

  • Sam Hiser September 13, 2015 12:29

    Paul - Landscapers have always made exposures and carried the unprocessed negatives out of the bush. New55 PN is often shot this way too. Simply expose in the camera and then remove the packet from the 545 holder in the 'L' position without processing. Process in the 545 holder later with fixer and water per instructions. Diligent labeling is crucial. Some landscapers process one (to determine correct exposure) and shoot the rest for later processing. This is a common practice. -SH

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